Fatigue Monitoring Systems

A wearable fatigue monitoring system to maximize worker safety and avoid accidents for drivers on roads, in warehouses and more, that arise from fatigue.

Fatigue Monitoring Systems
Product highlights

Product highlights

Bodytrak is one of the most comprehensive safety solutions on the market that is used to manage multiple workplace risks including fatigue. The wearable device and platform offers an accurate solution for monitoring and managing fatigue by seamlessly capturing physiological metrics such as core body temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability in real-time.

Our proprietary algorithms, specifically designed for Bodytrak, empower organizations to proactively manage worker fatigue, optimize performance and prevent burnout, and other workplace incidents. With a user-friendly interface and actionable insights, Bodytrak is the ultimate fatigue management solution for organizations that understand the importance of employee safety and wellbeing and the serious implications of fatigued workers.

Bodytrak Platform features

Bodytrak Platform features

  • Real-time alerts via the Dashboard
  • Alert notifications via email and text
  • Location monitoring via interactive mapping
  • Geofencing to control safety zones
  • SOS user-activated alarm designed for rapid assistance
  • Configurability to customize alert thresholds
  • Incident reporting
  • Automated report insights
  • Secure and 100% compliant with industry standards
  • Intuitive, user friendly interface
Bodytrak device features

Bodytrak device features

  • Multiple physiological health markers
  • Wearable and lightweight
  • 8+ hours of battery life 
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and cellular data communications
  • Bluetooth® compatibility
  • Audio prompt alerts
  • Ambient hearing via Hear:Thru™ earbuds
  • Hearing protection via Hear:Safe™ earbuds
  • Convenient belt clip on CommPack


Fatigue can increase the number of errors and accidents in the workplace. It affects the ability to focus, stay alert and maintain a high standard and consistent level of output. A wide range of sectors can benefit from Bodytrak as a fatigue management solution to improve safety and promote overall well being while optimizing performance. This can be particularly effective for those who have long and physically demanding workdays or perform monotonous, repetitive tasks.

Sectors that can benefit greatly from incorporating a fatigue monitoring system like Bodytrak include (but are not limited to):


  • Manufacturing and Heavy Industry
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Mining and Agriculture
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Lone Workers
  • Emergency Services
  • Military and Defense
Integration with the Bodytrak system

Integration with the Bodytrak system

With the cost of living increasing, people are working more and longer hours. As a result, the likelihood of fatigue induced incidents also increases putting many employees at risk. Integrating Bodytrak into existing safety protocols will proactively and unobtrusively prevent incidents, injury and illness; however, the solution extends beyond mitigating risks related to fatigue.

Bodytrak captures real-time physiological data to also prevent incidents associated with heat-stress and noise exposure, with the ability to safeguard high-risk workers who face some of the most challenging and hazardous conditions as one of the few safety solutions on the market that are intrinsically safe.

Complementary features

Complementary features

Alongside real-time monitoring, geolocation, geofencing and SOS alerts are features on the Bodytrak device that add another level of safety. Whenever an alert is generated, Bodytrak can instantly identify where the user is located whether they are indoors or outdoors, allowing rapid assistance to be deployed. Similarly, the SOS alert is a simple user-activated alarm that is triggered on the dashboard and via SMS and email when urgent support is required. 

The Bodytrak solution can also provide hearing protection when required (via Hear:safe™ earbuds) as well as noise dosimetry. Noise dosimetry is used to prevent noise induced hearing loss by measuring accumulating noise exposure at the ear to alert for excessive noise.

Seamless data integration

Seamless data integration

REST-APIs are also available via Bodytrak to seamlessly integrate the data from the Platform into an organization’s existing platform for a unified interface.These added features of protection ensure organizations can have a cost-effective safety solution that covers a number of workplace risks factors in one convenient, intuitive overall solution rather than disparate systems, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.


What is a fatigue monitoring system?

A solution designed to assess, track, and manage the fatigue levels of employees in various industries. It aims to ensure the well-being and safety of workers while optimizing productivity. These systems typically employ a combination of wearable technology and data analysis to achieve these goals.

Fatigue monitoring systems are particularly valuable in industries where long working hours, irregular shifts, and physically or mentally demanding tasks can increase the risk of accidents and reduce employee well-being. By proactively managing fatigue, these systems contribute to a safer and more productive workforce.

Which sensors measure fatigue?

To monitor fatigue, the Bodytrak Earpiece contains a sensor that measures heart rate and the variance of time between consecutive heartbeats. This is known as heart rate variability (HRV). HRV indicates the function of the autonomic nervous system which controls our involuntary physiological responses. When the variability is high the body can dynamically adapt to the environment and conditions indicating less fatigue. A lower variability indicates the body’s inability to process any sudden changes as efficiently; this indicates the body is fatigued or under stress.

How do you monitor drivers for fatigue?

When a driver wears the Bodytrak device it is unobtrusively working in the background to capture the physiological responses of the user to the changing environments and conditions. Previously organizations have installed blinking detection cameras in the cabs for drivers to indicate fatigue; however, blinking is often a symptom of fatigue which can be too late to prevent an incident. Bodytrak processes HRV in real-time and generates alerts to potential dangers well ahead of the driver experiencing any major effects of fatigue, ensuring both the user and supervisors receive this alert to take necessary action. While each user may have a different response to workplace stressors, Bodytrak takes this into account by providing individualized monitoring. During implementation, 20 hours of data is captured to create a baseline profile of each user so that the data captured is highly accurate for each worker.