Bodytrak to Showcase Latest Developments in Cutting-Edge Wearable Technology at A+A and NSC Safety Congress and Expo

Bodytrak to Showcase Latest Developments in Cutting-Edge Wearable Technology at A+A and NSC Safety Congress and Expo

October 03, 2023 – Bodytrak, a leader in wearable technology for physiological safety monitoring in the workplace, is revolutionizing the approach to workplace safety and preventing incidents related to heat stress, fatigue, and noise exposure. Bodytrak is proud to announce its participation in two prestigious events: A+A International Trade Fair for Safety, Security, and Health at Work, and the NSC Safety Congress and Expo. The events will provide a platform for Bodytrak to showcase its latest advancements, and to highlight the significant progress the company has made over the past 12 months.

A year on from being awarded GBP225,000 from Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency, Bodytrak has achieved remarkable milestones in developing the world’s first non-invasive wearable safety solution of its kind.

Bodytrak has integrated state-of-the-art sensors into its wearable solution, allowing for more precise and comprehensive safety monitoring. This includes improved heart rate monitoring, temperature sensing, and inactivity through fall detection. Bodytrak has also extended its capabilities to offer a new type of buddy system designed for various workers such as lone working, construction and transport and logistics to name a few. Alongside real-time monitoring, geolocation, geofencing and SOS alert are features on the Bodytrak device that add another level to safeguard teams. Whenever an alert is generated, Bodytrak can instantly identify where the user is located whether they are indoors or outdoors, allowing rapid assistance to be deployed. Similarly, the SOS alert is a simple user-activated alarm that is triggered on the dashboard and via text and email when urgent support is required. These additional features have been implemented to address unique safety challenges through one comprehensive solution rather than disparate devices that may have been used previously.

The company has also continued to establish strategic partnerships with leading organisations worldwide including Industrial Protective Products (WA) and NextNAV, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing to further advance workplace safety.

“It’s devastating to see the number of hospitalizations and fatalities in the workplace every year. Our vision is to protect hard-working teams and make sure they make it home after each shift free from injury or incidents. We are thrilled by the progress Bodytrak has made over the past 12 months to provide an effective workplace solution to mitigate and minimise these risks, but we’re just getting started. In the next phase we will widen the application of Bodytrak’s current solution ensuring our sensor technology will be compliant for exploitation into particularly hazardous environments. Something to keep an eye out for in the next few months.” said Leon Marsh, Founder and CEO at Bodytrak. “While we have more events scheduled into 2024, A+A and the NSC Safety Congress and Expo provide us with an ideal platform to present our latest innovations across two key regions of North America and Europe, and demonstrate how Bodytrak’s wearable technology can significantly enhance workplace safety and employee well-being. I am extremely proud of our pioneering team and solution advancements and look forward to sharing them with the global safety community.”

A+A is the world’s leading trade fair for all aspects of safety and health at work, while the NSC Safety Congress and Expo is the premier annual event for safety professionals in North America. Both events are recognized as essential gatherings for professionals dedicated to improving safety and wellbeing in the workplace. Bodytrak will be showcasing its latest wearable technology at both events, allowing attendees to experience first-hand the benefits of its cutting-edge solutions. Attendees can expect live demonstrations, expert presentations, and opportunities to interact with Bodytrak’s team of specialists.

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