Enhance safety and productivity

Whether you’re operating teams in transport and logistics with long-distance drivers, warehouse operatives or forklift operators, on a construction site, building engineers, or in the oil and gas, mining or utility sectors, drilling, or engineering, there’s a constant threat of incidents and injuries for your employees. Without monitoring, dangerous situations are only highlighted once an injury has occurred. This places additional burden and strain on your organisation through compensation claims and loss of productivity.

Your reliable data-driven companion

In environments with elevated temperatures, confined spaces and poor ventilation, there’s a heightened risk of heat-related illness. This is on top of other hazardous health challenges such as cardiac strain, reduced levels of awareness, extreme fatigue, tinnitus, and other medical conditions.  Whether your team is working at height or around moving vehicles, wearing heat-trapping protective clothing (PPE), being exposed to excessive noise, or working in other hazardous conditions, Bodytrak unlocks data to put measures in place that keep your team safe.

Business case

At least 11 workers are seriously injured or die from heat stress every day in the US. These 11 daily injuries translate to thousands of people every year, with an average cost of $53,589 for each incident, equating to millions of dollars not including any additional wrongful death lawsuits. This is a significant financial burden that can be avoided. Bodytrak provides an excellent return on investment through the prevention of injuries, in turn preventing medical costs, loss of productivity and costly worker compensation claims and fines from regulatory bodies. Bodytrak combines many essential capabilities into a single system, providing a more integrated cost-effective solution.
Maximise team productivity
  • With Bodytrak’s direct fatigue monitoring capability, geofencing solution and automated reports from the Bodytrak Platform, you will be able to understand the impact of shift patterns and rest breaks over time and across different sites and optimise your health and safety practice to improve productivity and further improve operating income.
Adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Bodytrak helps you meet regulations including HSE’s working directive and OSHA’s forthcoming Heat Injury and Illness Prevention in Outdoor and Indoor Work Settings. Be a safety-first employer and attract and retain the best talent.
Report using evidence-based data
  • Bodytrak is the centre point for digital health transformation in industrial environments. We provide evidence-based insights to optimise health and safety practice and performance. Informing KPIs and ESG targets, data is readily available to report to risk and auditing committees.
Monitor individuals, not environments
  • Tracking temperatures no longer needs to be a one-size-fits-all approach, limited by universal methods such as wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT). Bodytrak enables different temperature thresholds to be set for each user on a personalised basis, using automated machine learning techniques. This helps to ensure intervention is only provided when necessary, and not too late.

If an amber alert is triggered this represents a low-level warning indicating the user is approaching a preset threshold. In this instance, appropriate action should be taken based on internal company policies. If a red alert is triggered this indicates the user has exceeded the preset threshold and immediate action should be taken to avoid serious incidents, based on the company's internal policies. When the alert is triggered on the system the tile associated user's tile will move to the top of the Dashboard. Alerts will be displayed on the Dashboard according to severity priority. The alert status will remain in an active state until the source of the alert has been resolved, and in the case of red alerts until the acknowledgement toggle has been activated. e.g. If a user exceeds the preset core body temperature (CBT) threshold the red alert status will remain until the user’s temperature falls back below the threshold. This ensures necessary actions are taken to prevent serious incidents.

When a team member starts their shift, they need to remove the CommPack from the charging device and securely insert their personal issue Earpiece via the USB-C connector. Once the Earpiece is securely fitted in the indivdual's ear they can power on the CommPack, which will start the recording of a new session. Once the display illuminates with the Bodytrak logo and an ascending tone can be heard via the Earpiece, no further action is required by the wearer until the end of the session.

Preventing incidents and helping protect your team is our main priority. We offer full support over the course of a contract once you join the Bodytrak family so we are there to support you at every step.

The Bodytrak solution focuses on capturing the following data:
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Physiological Strain Index
  • Fatigue
  • Man down
  • Noise exposure
  • Geolocation

The number of Bodytrak Platform users is essentially unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of supervisors/safety managers that can access the Platform and receive an alert if an individual exceeds the preset thresholds. User access can be managed on the Bodytrak Platform.

With availability in several regions, Bodytrak is being developed to support multiple languages. Speak to the team to find out more.