Lone Worker Safety Device Systems

A new type of buddy system keeping workers safe by preventing multiple workplace hazards such as man down, fatigue and heat stress through a single solution.

Lone Worker Safety Device Systems
Features and benefits

Features and benefits

There’s no doubt technology is an important piece of the puzzle for lone worker safety. The comprehensive solution from Bodytrak monitors an individual’s response to workplace stressors to reduce workplace risks and prevent incidents caused by fatigue, heat stress and noise exposure. If an alert is generated, Bodytrak can instantly identify where the user is located, whether they are indoors or outdoors, allowing rapid assistance to be deployed. This can be particularly useful when a lone worker has had a fall and the man down alarm is triggered. 

Users receive real-time audio alerts while supervisors and managers can receive alerts simultaneously via the Dashboard, email, SMS and WhatsApp. Similarly, the SOS alert is a simple user-activated alarm that can be triggered when urgent support is required.

How does the system work?

How does the system work?

Picture a lone worker who has been called out for maintenance on heavy machinery at an offshore oil rig. They’re exhausted having worked for hours in temperatures exceeding 40°C /104°F. With the Bodytrak device, the worker will receive audio alerts if their body is showing signs of fatigue or their core body temperature exceeds a pre-set threshold, so they know they are at risk of heat stress or serious injury.

Simultaneously, the control centre will also receive alerts via the Dashboard (and SMS, WhatsApp and email) to instantly alert them that one of their employees is at risk or requires assistance. With the geolocation feature, the exact location of the worker can be shared so that immediate assistance can be dispatched.

Alternatively, if they are working in an isolated area and vulnerable to theft (i.e. truck drivers at risk of hijackings), the user can trigger an SOS alarm via the device so that support can be sent as rapidly as possible using their geolocation as key information. The man down alarm system also operates in a similar way in the event of a fall or inactivity.



It is estimated that around 20% of the working population are lone workers. 

Bodytrak offers solutions for a variety of industries where lone worker safety is paramount. The list below isn’t exhaustive however, it highlights the diverse sectors where lone workers are employed.

  • Oil and gas
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Logistics and transport
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Emergency services
The most comprehensive lone worker safety solution

The most comprehensive lone worker safety solution

Traditional methods for lone worker safety can be fragmented and unreliable. Multiple devices for heat, fatigue, and falls create a cumbersome burden for workers and supervisors, slowing productivity and restricting communication. Disparate data makes real-time monitoring and incident response difficult, hindering compliance and reporting. Bodytrak offers a revolutionary comprehensive solution.

The Bodytrak wearable device proactively monitors physiological data to safeguard lone workers from heat stress, fatigue, and excessive noise exposure. Real-time alerts notify supervisors and users of potential issues, while GPS locates workers for swift assistance. Geofencing ensures workers stay within designated zones, with automatic alerts for breaches. Bodytrak empowers organisations to streamline lone worker safety with a comprehensive, user-friendly solution.

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Can I use Bodytrak to locate team members?

Yes, the Bodytrak solution offers a feature that utilises GPS positioning and WiFi and Bluetooth® triangulation so that you can quickly locate team members both indoors and out. It can also provide vertical positioning to determine which floor a user is on.

Can I use the Bodytrak device to make calls?

The Bodytrak device has Bluetooth compatibility which will allow you to channel audio through the Earpiece if connected to your smartphone, however, you are unable to use the device to directly make outbound calls or receive incoming calls.

How accurate are the readings taken by Bodytrak?

Bodytrak captures real-time physiological data using in-ear sensors, analysed by machine learning (ML) on the device and in the cloud to provide critical insights. Due to its close proximity to the hypothalamus, the temperature control centre of the body, and since the eardrum receives its blood supply from the carotid artery, the ear is an excellent body site to measure core body temperature and heart rate accurately.

Heart rate data from Bodytrak shows a mean absolute error of 2.87 beats per minute compared to a control ECG device, and CBT data from Bodytrak shows a mean absolute error of 0.18°C compared to a gastro-intestinal pill. Our fatigue scores have been validated during trials where mental fatigue, physical fatigue or drowsiness was induced to ensure precise data. This is a strong indication of the effectiveness of our solution.

How does a team member check-out their Bodytrak device and start using it?

When a team member starts their shift, they need to remove the CommPack from the charging device and securely insert their personal issue Earpiece via the USB-C connector. Once the Earpiece is securely fitted in the indivdual's ear they can power on the CommPack, which will start the recording of a new session. Once the display illuminates with the Bodytrak logo and an ascending tone can be heard via the Earpiece, no further action is required by the wearer until the end of the session.