Bodytrak Partners with Industrial Protective Products (WA) to Bring a Game-Changing Connected Worker Solution to Australia

Bodytrak Partners with Industrial Protective Products (WA) to Bring a Game-Changing Connected Worker Solution to Australia

July 05, 2023 – Bodytrak®, a global leader in wearable technology for workplace safety, is pleased to announce its partnership with Industrial Protective Products (WA), a prominent provider of personal protective equipment (PPE) with a wide range of equipment specific to the mining, construction and associated industries throughout Western Australia. This collaboration will introduce the first-of-its-kind non-invasive in-ear smart safety solution from Bodytrak to Western Australia and the rest of the Australasia market, revolutionising workplace safety and incident prevention.

With a shared commitment to protecting workers and promoting a safer work environment, Bodytrak and IPP(WA) have joined forces to prevent incidents sustained from heat stress, fatigue and noise exposure that have become critical issues for many organisations in the region. The partnership will leverage Bodytrak’s cutting edge wearable technology with the expertise and network of IPP(WA) in industrial safety in Australia to provide a comprehensive and precise solution that enhances workplace safety protocols.

Bodytrak is an in-ear solution that monitors and analyses various physiological parameters of workers in real-time. By continuously monitoring key biometric data such as core body temperature and heart rate, Bodytrak provides actionable insights and alerts to both the user (via audio prompts) and supervisors (via the Bodytrak Dashboard, email and SMS) when pre-set thresholds are exceeded to prevent workplace incidents. Alongside real-time monitoring, vital features such as geolocation, geofencing and SOS alert add another level to safeguard teams. Whenever an alert is generated, Bodytrak can instantly identify where the user is located whether they are indoors or outdoors, allowing rapid assistance to be deployed. Similarly, the SOS alert is a simple user-activated alarm that is triggered on the Dashboard and via SMS and email when urgent support is required, making this an effective and vital solution for those working in utilities, mining, construction and lone working settings.

IPP(WA)’s extensive experience and strong presence in the Australian market make them an ideal partner for Bodytrak’s expansion into the region. Through their established network, IPP(WA) will introduce the Bodytrak system to a wide range of industries, including utilities, mining, construction, manufacturing, and logistics. By combining their industry knowledge and technical expertise, Bodytrak and IPP(WA) aim to significantly reduce workplace incidents, enhance worker well-being, and optimise operational efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with IPP(WA) as a crucial step to helping organisations combat the impact of heat-related incidents and productivity loss in Australia. With 30% of workers experiencing heat-related illnesses and the staggering AU$7 billion annual costs in extended absences, this highlights the urgency for effective solutions,” said Leon Marsh, Founder and CEO of Bodytrak. “By combining our smart safety solution with IPP’s expertise, we strive to create safer and more productive workplaces, where the well-being of employees takes precedence.”

“As a true specialist safety house supplying PPE, we are constantly seeking new proven technologies that can enhance workplace safety for our clients,” said Michael Grzinic, General Manager of IPP(WA). “Bodytrak’s wearable solution aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are thrilled to bring this to the Australian market. By leveraging Bodytrak’s advanced capabilities, we can empower workers and organisations to proactively address potential risks that are often underestimated and ensure a safer work environment.”

The partnership between Bodytrak and IPP(WA) marks a significant milestone in the advancement of workplace safety in Australia. By combining their strengths, these two industry leaders are poised to bring a new era of proactive safety measures that will protect workers against heat stress, fatigue and more while promoting a culture of safety across various industries.


About Industrial Protective Products (WA)

Industrial Protective Products (WA) is a wholly owned Western Australian Company operating as a “true specialist safety house” supplying Personal Protective Equipment including clothing and footwear together with a wide range of specific equipment to the mining, construction and associated industries throughout Western Australia and Australia.

Since commencing on the 1st September 1984, we have operated through common sense principles and employing best practices. We have the resources, flexibility, experience combined with expertise, from management through to well trained and committed staff enabling us to meet our customers specific needs and “value add” to formal agreements.

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