HERE Technologies

Bodytrak is partnering with HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform with over 35 years of experience in location technology, map-making and data. HERE is Bodytrak’s exclusive location provider and helps increase the safety of workers at high risk such as police, firemen, lone workers on oil islands or steel factories. HERE generates precise location coordinates upon alert detection, map view of all workers in real-time and geofencing to control access to hazardous areas. Together, HERE and Bodytrak ensure support can be dispatched to necessary teams to prevent serious and life-threatening incidents.

GKD Technologies

GKD Technologies and Bodytrak are partnered to integrate precision physiological monitoring into SafetyZone – a leading proximity warning system for Pedestrian Plant Interface and telematics data. This solution empowers organisations working in the construction, infrastructure and other heavy or industrial sectors to make practical data-driven decisions around improving safety in the workplace.

The Defence Science & Technology Laboratory

The Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and Bodytrak are developing non-invasive, portable, real-time devices to monitor vital signs of service personnel to determine health status, optimise performance and tailor potential interventions. DSTL maximises the impact of science and technology for the defence and security of the UK, supplying specialist services for the Ministry of Defence and the wider government.


Bodytrak is partnered with Jankel – a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced protection systems for vehicles and occupants – to develop new, innovative technology and protection solutions to mitigate the impact of excessive vibration in the military sector. The sensor-based solution quantifies and tracks the ongoing effects of vibration on key regions of the human body and monitors the compound stresses against key health and safety benchmarks.


4GD specialises in instrumented, high-tech urban training environments for defence and security customers, specifically the 4GD SmartFacility. The 4GD SmartFacility® consists of five levels and includes a tactical-performance data collection and analysis system, Ecfectus.  Ecfectus provides instructors with unrivalled access to individual performance data for targeted improvement.  Bodytrak is a key part of this system, enabling access to unobtrusive biometric data which allows the instructor to see what is going on under the uniform to develop a deeper understanding of how performance can be enhanced.


Bodytrak is partnered with 2iC – global leaders in digital interoperability in the battlespace. 2iC’s unique software layer liberates human capability in the battlespace by digitally automating the exchange of mission-critical and actionable information between commanders, operators and equipment across land, sea and air. By combining 2iC’s digital interoperability software and its innovative “plug and play” capability with Bodytrak’s ability to accurately measure multiple physiological parameters along with activity via any single device, the partnership will deliver unparalleled situational awareness and critical well-being insights to clients.