Increase participation in your research

Testing hypotheses is impossible if you can’t measure the right data or recruit subjects to participate in a study. The gastrointestinal pill might be more practical than a rectal probe and a good means of reliably measuring a person’s core body temperature (CBT), but it is invasive and too costly to scale. This means it can be difficult to get subjects to participate in your research or for budget holders to agree to its use.

Make Bodytrak your research partner

We understand your requirement for high-quality data without having to sacrifice the comfort and participation of your subjects. Whether you’re running a university research facility or state-of-the-art laboratory, our easy-to-use data collection tool effortlessly tracks CBT, heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), physiological strain index (PSI) and additional metrics to help answer your research questions.

Non-invasive and comfortable 

Bodytrak’s easy-to-fit and comfortable Earpiece is non-invasive, allowing you to avoid any ethical complications and complex setup procedures. The lightweight CommPack (communication module) enables real-time telemetry in a lab environment or in the field, via Bluetooth, WiFi or cellular connectivity, directly to the Bodytrak monitoring platform.
Backed by data
  • Bodytrak is driven by optimally located physiological sensors and software algorithms to enable accurate references of physiological parameters CBT, HR, HRV and PSI. Timestamped data can be exported directly from the Bodytrak platform via .csv file.  Bodytrak has been used successfully in controlled laboratory trials with high profile organisations.
  • Bodytrak is a multi-use solution which can be used on multiple subjects and comes with a 2-year warranty as standard, with options to extend this. Combined with a real-time interface and high-resolution data export, this makes the solution very cost effective for research studies.

If an amber alert is triggered this represents a low-level warning indicating the user is approaching a preset threshold. In this instance, appropriate action should be taken based on internal company policies. If a red alert is triggered this indicates the user has exceeded the preset threshold and immediate action should be taken to avoid serious incidents, based on the company's internal policies. When the alert is triggered on the system the tile associated user's tile will move to the top of the Dashboard. Alerts will be displayed on the Dashboard according to severity priority. The alert status will remain in an active state until the source of the alert has been resolved, and in the case of red alerts until the acknowledgement toggle has been activated. e.g. If a user exceeds the preset core body temperature (CBT) threshold the red alert status will remain until the user’s temperature falls back below the threshold. This ensures necessary actions are taken to prevent serious incidents.

When a team member starts their shift, they need to remove the CommPack from the charging device and securely insert their personal issue Earpiece via the USB-C connector. Once the Earpiece is securely fitted in the indivdual's ear they can power on the CommPack, which will start the recording of a new session. Once the display illuminates with the Bodytrak logo and an ascending tone can be heard via the Earpiece, no further action is required by the wearer until the end of the session.

Preventing incidents and helping protect your team is our main priority. We offer full support over the course of a contract once you join the Bodytrak family so we are there to support you at every step.

The Bodytrak solution focuses on capturing the following data:
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Physiological Strain Index
  • Fatigue
  • Man down
  • Noise exposure
  • Geolocation

The number of Bodytrak Platform users is essentially unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of supervisors/safety managers that can access the Platform and receive an alert if an individual exceeds the preset thresholds. User access can be managed on the Bodytrak Platform.

With availability in several regions, Bodytrak is being developed to support multiple languages. Speak to the team to find out more.