Bodytrak safeguards your workforce, whichever sector you’re in by preventing incidents before they happen.

Supporting your team

Supporting your team

Bodytrak keeps sectors across the globe running safely, from production facilities to emergency services and the military. Our solution enables live monitoring via our easy-to-use Dashboard interface, ensuring entire teams are kept safe from incidents while improving productivity.

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What industries has it been deployed in?

Bodytrak has already been deployed in various industries to prevent heat stress, including paper mills, metal smelting facilities, lone working, and also in logistics to reduce incidents caused by driver fatigue. It has also been trialled in the fire service and military.

How much space will the Bodytrak devices take up in the facility?

The Bodytrak single Charging Dock or multi-bay Charging Hub is normally located in a control room or site hut so that users can easily access the CommPack and their usage can be monitored.

The single Charging Dock is no bigger than a standard smartphone while the multi-bay Charging Hub is no larger than an A4 piece of paper/copy paper and fits up to 10 CommPacks. Both charging units need to be within reach of a power outlet, on a flat surface and away from sources of water and dirt.

What happens if a team member roams outside their defined zones?

Bodytrak offers geofencing which creates a virtual geographic boundary around a specified area using GPS. If a team member roams outside of these preset areas an alert will be triggered to the user and Dashboard to prevent incidents.

What kind of data is Bodytrak gathering?

The Bodytrak solutions focuses on capturing the following data;

  • Core Body Temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Physiological Strain Index
  • Fatigue
  • Man down
  • Noise exposure
  • Geolocation
How accurate are the readings taken by Bodytrak?

Bodytrak captures real-time physiological data using in-ear sensors, analysed by machine learning (ML) on the device and in the cloud to provide critical insights. Due to its close proximity to the hypothalamus, the temperature control centre of the body, and since the eardrum receives its blood supply from the carotid artery, the ear is an excellent body site to measure core body temperature and heart rate accurately.

Heart rate data from Bodytrak shows a mean absolute error of 2.87 beats per minute compared to a control ECG device, and CBT data from Bodytrak shows a mean absolute error of 0.18°C compared to a gastro-intestinal pill. Our fatigue scores have been validated during trials where mental fatigue, physical fatigue or drowsiness was induced to ensure precise data. This is a strong indication of the effectiveness of our solution.

How long will the battery last on the Bodytrak device?

On average the CommPack will last up to 8+ hours of continuous use, depending on the connectivity method and signal strength.

How long does it take to charge the Bodytrak CommPack?

When the CommPack is at 0% it will take approximately 4 hours to reach 100% and be ready to use again.