Our unrivalled safety insights allow you to enhance the health and safety practice in your workplace by preventing incidents related to heat stress, fatigue and noise exposure.
Heat stress
Rising outdoor temperatures are putting workers at greater risk of heat stress. We safeguard workers against extreme outdoor environments caused by harsh and changing climates.
Fatigue is often an underestimated workplace hazard. Our real-time data analytics monitors individual levels to ensure alerts are raised when they reach a dangerous level.
Noise exposure
We continually monitor the ambient noise exposure of your workers to know when they have exceeded a safe limit, to help prevent hearing loss.

Smart Safety Solution

Designed with usability and comfort at the centre, Bodytrak is the only non-invasive product of its kind on the market. Due to its close proximity to the hypothalamus, the temperature control centre of the body, and since the eardrum receives its blood supply from the carotid artery, the ear is an excellent body site to measure core body temperature and heart rate. This is one of the main reasons why Bodytrak is extremely effective. 

Data Analysis

Once the data is measured via the in-ear sensors, it is automatically analysed by our proprietary algorithms that are specifically designed for the Bodytrak device. During the analysis it is compared against a user’s baseline to provide more individualised insights and alerts for each user. These are sent to both the user (via audio prompts) and supervisor (via the real-time Dashboard) so that intervention can be enabled, and incidents prevented.
The algorithms have been vigorously tested to ensure accuracy. In a controlled laboratory trial sponsored by a customer we were able to demonstrate that the Bodytrak heart rate sensor had a mean absolute error of 2.87 beats per minute compared to an ECG device, and CBT data from Bodytrak showed a mean absolute error of 0.18C compared to a gastro-intestinal pill. These high levels of agreement illustrate the accuracy of the Bodytrak solution when measuring heart rate and CBT.
More Detail Less Detail

Bodytrak Platform

The Bodytrak Platform integrates with HERE Maps geo solutions to provide precise X & Y location upon alert detection, map view of all workers with health status indicator and geofencing to control access to hazardous areas and identify when a team member roams outside a zoned area. Crucially, Bodytrak also provides Z level vertical positioning to identify the storey where the worker is located.

Safety as a Service

Our safety solution is provided as a fully supported safety as a service over a 1-to-5-year contract depending on preference. The service includes the software subscription, accessories, and ongoing customer support. There are purchase and lease finance options available for the hardware. Whilst the total fixed contract cost works out to no more than a cup of coffee per day, the return on investment is significant against the estimated $163.9 billion of preventable work-related injury costs in 2020 alone (National Safety Council).

If an amber alert is triggered this represents a low-level warning indicating the user is approaching a preset threshold. In this instance, appropriate action should be taken based on internal company policies. If a red alert is triggered this indicates the user has exceeded the preset threshold and immediate action should be taken to avoid serious incidents, based on the company's internal policies. When the alert is triggered on the system the tile associated user's tile will move to the top of the Dashboard. Alerts will be displayed on the Dashboard according to severity priority. The alert status will remain in an active state until the source of the alert has been resolved, and in the case of red alerts until the acknowledgement toggle has been activated. e.g. If a user exceeds the preset core body temperature (CBT) threshold the red alert status will remain until the user’s temperature falls back below the threshold. This ensures necessary actions are taken to prevent serious incidents.

When a team member starts their shift, they need to remove the CommPack from the charging device and securely insert their personal issue Earpiece via the USB-C connector. Once the Earpiece is securely fitted in the indivdual's ear they can power on the CommPack, which will start the recording of a new session. Once the display illuminates with the Bodytrak logo and an ascending tone can be heard via the Earpiece, no further action is required by the wearer until the end of the session.

Preventing incidents and helping protect your team is our main priority. We offer full support over the course of a contract once you join the Bodytrak family so we are there to support you at every step.

The Bodytrak solution focuses on capturing the following data:
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Physiological Strain Index
  • Fatigue
  • Man down
  • Noise exposure
  • Geolocation

The number of Bodytrak Platform users is essentially unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of supervisors/safety managers that can access the Platform and receive an alert if an individual exceeds the preset thresholds. User access can be managed on the Bodytrak Platform.

With availability in several regions, Bodytrak is being developed to support multiple languages. Speak to the team to find out more.