Bodytrak: Selected to Keep Lancashire Firefighters Safe in Demanding Conditions

Bodytrak: Selected to Keep Lancashire Firefighters Safe in Demanding Conditions

June 06, 2024Lancashire Fire and Rescue (UK), renowned for their commitment to firefighter safety, has selected Bodytrak® as their preferred supplier for core body temperature (CBT) monitoring. This exciting partnership tackles the ever-present challenge of heat stress, a common threat faced by firefighters in training and on the frontline.

Firefighters routinely experience extreme and challenging environments, with training exercises further amplifying heat exposure risks. The non-invasive CBT monitoring solutions from Bodytrak provide Lancashire Fire and Rescue with a vital tool for safeguarding their crews year round.

“Our trials with Bodytrak have highlighted the immense value it can add to keep our crews safe during training and in the field when faced with challenging conditions. With capabilities to provide both physiological monitoring and location data it makes this a unique offering that provides peace of mind that we can provide our crews with immediate support when every second counts.”

Rod Steele, Equipment & BA Office at Lancashire Fire and Rescue, UK

Identifying heat stress before it takes hold

The importance of accurate CBT monitoring for firefighters cannot be overstated. Unlike traditional methods, Bodytrak offers a non-invasive, precise, and continuous solution. This translates to several key benefits:

  • Early detection: Other methods provide a single data point, often after symptoms arise. The continuous monitoring via Bodytrak allows for the early detection of heat stress before it progresses to serious illness. This crucial window of time allows firefighters to take preventative measures like cooling down and rehydrating, preventing escalation.
  • Improved safety: Early detection of heat stress empowers firefighters and their commanders to make informed decisions in real-time. This can involve rotating tasks, seeking shade, or increasing hydration, all of which contribute to a safer working environment for the entire crew.
  • Unimpeded performance: While some monitoring methods can disrupt and impede firefighting efforts, the design from Bodytrak integrates seamlessly with existing PPE, allowing firefighters to focus on the task at hand without compromising their mobility or performance.

Tested, validated, now in action

Lancashire Fire and Rescue put Bodytrak through its paces at their training centre. Impressed by the results, they’re now deploying the solution across various scenarios, including wildfire safety. Here, Bodytrak comes into its own, offering a comprehensive solution that monitors not just temperature, but also fatigue and geolocation – a game-changer for crew safety management.

This partnership strengthens Bodytrak’s commitment to firefighter wellbeing. By equipping Lancashire Fire and Rescue with the tools they need to stay cool under pressure, we’re working together to ensure every firefighter returns home safely.

For more information speak to the team at Bodytrak today.

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