Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Is the Bodytrak solution available now?

Yes, already having been deployed in the UK, US and Europe the Bodytrak device is ready to be implemented in your organisation today.

In what regions is Bodytrak available?

Bodytrak is available in most regions around the world. For more information contact the team.

Can the Bodytrak application be hosted in any region?

Bodytrak is a web based solution that can be hosted around the world. Using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform you can see the complete list of available regions here.

What languages does Bodytrak support?

With availability in several regions, Bodytrak is being developed to support multiple languages. Speak to the team to find out more.

What industries has it been deployed in?

Bodytrak has already been deployed in various industries to prevent heat stress, including paper mills, metal smelting facilities, lone working, and also in logistics to reduce incidents caused by driver fatigue. It has also been trialled in the fire service and military.

How many users can be monitored using the Bodytrak Platform and how people can have access to it?

The number of Bodytrak Platform users is essentially unlimited. There is no restriction on the number of supervisors/safety managers that can access the Platform and receive an alert if an individual exceeds the preset thresholds. User access can be managed on the Bodytrak Platform.

How much space will the Bodytrak devices take up in the facility?

The Bodytrak single Charging Dock or multi-bay Charging Hub is normally located in a control room or site hut so that users can easily access the CommPack and their usage can be monitored.

The single Charging Dock is no bigger than a standard smartphone while the multi-bay Charging Hub is no larger than an A4 piece of paper/copy paper and fits up to 10 CommPacks. Both charging units need to be within reach of a power outlet, on a flat surface and away from sources of water and dirt.

Can the Bodytrak devices be shared between team members?

The Bodytrak device is comprised of 2 components - the CommPack and Earpiece. The CommPack can be shared between team members and be placed on the central charging hub for users to take as required. We often see customers carrying more CommPacks than Earpieces to ensure there's availability and enough charge to be circulating between shift work.

While the CommPack can be shared the Earpiece should not be as it is allocated to each individual user. The Earpiece stores all the data collected including the baseline information for the individual. If the Earpiece is shared between users the baseline information and data stored will be lost. Each Bodytrak Earpiece comes with a convenient carry case that can clip onto a bag or keys after use each time.

What happens if a team member accidentally takes the device home after a shift?

After a long work day, it's not uncommon for a team member to forget they're wearing the Bodytrak device and they take it home. If this happens the team member should inform their relevant colleague and ensure the CommPack is placed on the charging device on their next shift. This will ensure the battery is returned to a full charge.

The CommPack has the ability to store over 100 hours of data if there's no connection to upload the data to the cloud. Once a connection is reestablished this data will be uploaded to the cloud.

How can the Bodytrak Earpiece be cleaned?

You can easily clean the Bodytrak Earpiece by wiping it thoroughly with a disinfectant alcohol wipe. It's important to ensure that when cleaning the Earpiece is is not exposed to, or immersed in water. The Bodytrak Earpiece is not waterproof.


Can I use the Bodytrak device to make calls?

The Bodytrak device has Bluetooth compatibility which will allow you to channel audio through the Earpiece if connected to your smartphone, however, you are unable to use the device to directly make outbound calls or receive incoming calls.

Can I use Bodytrak to locate team members?

Yes, the Bodytrak solution offers a feature that utilises GPS positioning and WiFi and Bluetooth® triangulation so that you can quickly locate team members both indoors and out. It can also provide vertical positioning to determine which floor a user is on.

Is Bodytrak intrinsically safe?

Bodytrak is not currently intrinsically safe, but we will be releasing an intrinsically safe version with ATEX/IECEx certification soon.

I have team members that work inside high rise buildings, can I determine what floor they’re on?

Yes, vertical positioning is available so that you can identify the location of individuals if an incident has occurred in order to provide a quick response.

What happens if a team member roams outside their defined zones?

Bodytrak offers geofencing which creates a virtual geographic boundary around a specified area using GPS. If a team member roams outside of these preset areas an alert will be triggered to the user and Dashboard to prevent incidents.

Do alerts feedback to the Bodytrak Platform?

When preset thresholds are exceeded alerts are shown in real-time on the Dashboard. Users who have triggered alert will move to the type of the screen and are highlighted clearly so they can easily be distinguish. To ensure relevant team members have access at all times we can configure the solution to push SMS and email alerts from the Platform.

If an alert is triggered what do I need to do?

If an amber alert is triggered this represents a low-level warning indicating the user is approaching a preset threshold. In this instance appropriate action should be taken based on internal company policies.

If a red alert is triggered this indicates the user has exceeded the preset threshold and immediate action should be taken to avoid serious incidents, based on the company's internal policies. When the alert is triggered on the system the tile associated user's tile will move to the top of the Dashboard. Alerts will be displayed on the Dashboard according to severity priority.

The alert status will remain in an active state until the source of the alert has been resolved, and in the case of red alerts until the acknowledgement toggle has been activated. e.g. If a user exceeds the preset core body temperature (CBT) threshold the red alert status will remain until the user’s temperature falls back below the threshold. This ensures necessary actions are taken to prevent serious incidents.

What audio prompts are provided via the Bodytrak Earpiece?

To avoid unnecessary distractions audio prompts are only triggered when thresholds are exceeded or the battery is low. Voice based audio to describe the alert type and level can be heard through the Earpiece. For example, 'Core body temperature - Red Alert'. The volume is completely configurable with options to mute audio prompts available. To mute audio prompts speak to the Bodytrak team who can show you how this can be activated.

Does the Bodytrak Earpiece provide hearing protection?

The standard earbud fitted to the Bodytrak Earpiece is the Hear:Thru™ earbud. This allows you to hear your surroundings clearly while wearing the Earpiece. If you require in-ear hearing protection we offer our Hear:Safe™ earbud that's available in 2 sizes - small and large. If using the Hear:Safe™ earbud you must also use a compatible earplug in your left ear that is supplied by Bodytrak and available in one size.

It is important that both the Hear:Safe™ earbud and compatible earplug are correctly fitted whenever you are exposed to noisy environments to reduce risk of injury and hearing loss.

Is Bodytrak IP67 rated?

The Bodytrak device is designed to meet IP67. The CommPack and Earpiece is extremely robust and can with stand most extreme environments.

Fit & wearability

How long can I wear the Bodytrak device for?

Designed with comfort in mind, when fitted correctly you should forget you're wearing the Earpiece, so it can be worn for long periods of time. The CommPack however, should last for approximately 8 -12 hours of continuous use before it needs to be recharged.

Can I use the Bodytrak device in extremely dry or wet environments?

The Bodytrak device has been designed to withstand normal wear and tear under tough working environments, but it should not be submerged in water.

Does the Bodytrak device come in different sizes?

The Bodytrak Earpiece wingtip comes in 4 sizes - extra small, small, medium and large. The Hear:Thru earbud is available in one size and is fitted as standard.

If hearing protection is required the Hear:Safe earbud can be used and is available in 2 sizes - small and large.

The CommPack is available in one size and is smaller than a smartphone.

How does a team member check-out their Bodytrak device and start using it?

When a team member starts their shift, they need to remove the CommPack from the charging device and securely insert their personal issue Earpiece via the USB-C connector. Once the Earpiece is securely fitted in the indivdual's ear they can power on the CommPack, which will start the recording of a new session. Once the display illuminates with the Bodytrak logo and an ascending tone can be heard via the Earpiece, no further action is required by the wearer until the end of the session.

Data and metrics

What kind of data is Bodytrak gathering?

The Bodytrak solutions focuses on capturing the following data;

  • Core Body Temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Physiological Strain Index
  • Fatigue
  • Man down
  • Noise exposure
  • Geolocation
Who can see the data collected by Bodytrak?

The data collected by the Bodytrak device is secure and protected using industry standard protocols. Only people who have authorised access within the organisation will be able to view the information.

Who owns the data that the device gathers?

The client owns the data. Bodytrak complies with GDPR and HIPAA compliance. The Bodytrak solution can display and record data for trend analysis. Alternatively, Bodytrak can simply provide live data alerts without any data being recorded - please speak to the Bodytrak support team if this is required. The Platform is fully configurable.

Does Bodytrak collect personal information about the team and users?

Bodytrak monitors and captures physiological data to protect the team from incidents caused by heat stress and fatigue. The standard Bodytrak solution does not capture any personal information. The client has the option to use non-personal identifiers for usernames, as opposed to the users' actual names.

How accurate are the readings taken by Bodytrak?

Bodytrak captures real-time physiological data using in-ear sensors, analysed by machine learning (ML) on the device and in the cloud to provide critical insights. Due to its close proximity to the hypothalamus, the temperature control centre of the body, and since the eardrum receives its blood supply from the carotid artery, the ear is an excellent body site to measure core body temperature and heart rate accurately.

Heart rate data from Bodytrak shows a mean absolute error of 2.87 beats per minute compared to a control ECG device, and CBT data from Bodytrak shows a mean absolute error of 0.18°C compared to a gastro-intestinal pill. Our fatigue scores have been validated during trials where mental fatigue, physical fatigue or drowsiness was induced to ensure precise data. This is a strong indication of the effectiveness of our solution.

What is the CBT range measured by the Bodytrak device?

There is no maximum limit for core body temperature reported on the Bodytrak device, however, the minimum temperature that is reported is 36.5°C / 97.7°C, which is the lower end at which where CBT should be maintained (between 36.5°C / 97.7°F and 37.5°C / 99.32°F) for normal function. Currently the main concerns and workplace risks affecting our customers are focused on hyperthermia, which is why the Bodytrak device has been set up this way to address customer requirements.

Thresholds are set in the Bodytrak Platform to ensure users and supervisors are alerted (via amber and red alerts) before incidents occur.

Power and connectivity

How long will the battery last on the Bodytrak device?

On average the CommPack will last up to 8+ hours of continuous use, depending on the connectivity method and signal strength.

How long does it take to charge the Bodytrak CommPack?

When the CommPack is at 0% it will take approximately 4 hours to reach 100% and be ready to use again.

Can the battery duration be increased?

The Bodytrak CommPack is battery powered and can last 8 hours or more depending on the connectivity method. The data for each individual is stored on the Earpiece and linked to the Platform. This ensures the data stays intact and allows users to interchange the CommPack easily between team members. To increase the battery power you can opt to carry an additional CommPack that has been charged doubling the usage capacity.

What connectivity method is used for the Bodytrak solution?

Depending on the workplace environment the Bodytrak device connects via cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth.

On the off chance the above is unavailable the device will continue to store the data and provide audio prompts to the user if a threshold is exceeded. Once a connection is reestablished this will be transmitted to the Platform.

What is the effective transmission range of the Bodytrak devices (i.e., how far away can each user wearing the Bodytrak device be located and still transmit data to the Platform?)

Data is transmitted from the Bodytrak device to the Platform via an internet connection through WiFi or cellular network. We work with a global cellular operator to ensure we receive the best cellular coverage, anywhere in the world. Therefore, there is no limit to the transmission range and users’ data can be viewed from the other side of the world if required. If the wearer is in a location where WiFi or cellular connectivity is unavailable, the Bodytrak device will store the data internally and will continue to notify users of physiological and device alerts via audio prompts. Once connectivity is re-established the Bodytrak device will transmit the stored and live data to the Platform.

Is an internet connection required for the Bodytrak solution?

An internet connection via WiFi or cellular is required to transmit data to the Bodytrak Platform. The CommPack will store data internally regardless of whether there is an internet connection or not and will continue to notify users of physiological and battery alerts via audio prompts. Once connectivity is restored the CommPack will transmit the stored and live data to the Platform.

How does it connect to the cloud?

The Bodytrak device connects to the cloud via WiFi or cellular network.

Does Bodytrak needs its own dedicated IT server on site?

No. The Bodytrak Platform runs in the cloud so you do not need to install any additional hardware or software. You can easily access the Platform from a web browser on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Onboarding & after sales care

How is training provided?

Our Bodytrak specialists will be on hand to show you and the team how the Bodytrak solution works and ensure you have everything you need during the implementation stage. If further training is required please contact the Bodytrak team to arrange this.

How long will set up and installation take?

Depending on the size of your team, this should only take a couple of hours, but it could take longer depending on your requirements. This includes training to show you and the team how to fit the Earpiece correctly and how to get started with the CommPack and Platform. It also includes a short assessment to ensure the key safety points have been understood. Separately, whilst on site and as required, we may install a local area network and carry out a geolocation survey. Please contact the Bodytrak team to discuss your requirements further.

Once the Bodytrak solution is implemented what support is offered?

Preventing incidents and helping protect your team is our main priority. We offer full support over the course of a contract once you join the Bodytrak family so we are there to support you at every step.

What is the warranty for each device?

Each Bodytrak device comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty, subject to terms and conditions. Extended warranties are also available.

On average, how much preventive or corrective maintenance is required on the devices? How is this implemented?

Each Bodytrak device comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. 

The ruggedised communications pack (CommPack) has been designed to meet a rating of IP67 to withstand use in industrial environments. The exterior can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe or damp cloth. Internal software updates on the CommPack may be required from time-to-time, however, updates are automatically sent to the device OTA (Over-The-Air) and will be installed when the device is connected to WiFi and placed on charge. The version of software on your device can be accessed conveniently on the Incident Management Platform.

Each Earpiece is intended to be allocated to an individual and used by one person, and its sensors are calibrated during manufacture.  It’s important to ensure that the earpiece is regularly cleaned with an alcohol wipe between each use, for hygiene reasons. Over time the wingtips and Hear:Thru earbuds can degrade as a result of cleaning; however, additional ones can be provided. 

The Hear:Safe earbuds used when hearing protection is required should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and water and should be replaced as per the guidance on the packaging, for effectiveness and hygiene reasons.