Lakeland Commences Commercial Partnership with Bodytrak and Extends Investment

Lakeland Commences Commercial Partnership with Bodytrak and Extends Investment

November 22, 2022 – Lakeland Industries, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of protective clothing for industry, healthcare and first responders on the federal, state and local levels, has invested in Bodytrak as a ground-breaking step toward entering the Connected worker Market for “Smart PPE.” We are pleased to announce, last month Lakeland extended their investment into Bodytrak to help further their position at the forefront of the Connected Worker market.  

Our Founder and CEO, Leon Marsh stated, “According to the HSE, from 2020 to 2021 1.7 million people suffered from work-related illness in Great Britain alone. There’s no doubt that when you work in hazardous environments the risk of this increases significantly and the consequences are even more severe. The extension of Lakeland’s investment will support us in the next phase of our journey to develop our unique connected worker safety solution to meet intrinsic safety requirements for use in hazardous environments so we can help organizations prevent incidents in the most challenging conditions.

“Today, we entered into a commercial partnership with Lakeland to benefit from market access opportunities in hazardous sectors. Our strategic alignment with Lakeland will enable us to leverage Lakeland’s strong position in their target markets to help Bodytrak scale further into the Connected Worker Market. We’re delighted to extend our relationship with Lakeland as we look to establish Bodytrak as the leading Smart PPE solution, worldwide.”

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