Onboarding Bodytrak – Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions

Onboarding Bodytrak – Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions

The adoption of consumer wearables has grown exponentially and we are now able to control and monitor our entire lives through wearable devices. While this has been adopted in the consumer market, wearable technology is unlocking a new world of opportunity to enhance safety practices, prevent incidents and save lives in the workplace. 

You’re probably aware of the many benefits Bodytrak provides in preventing incidents related to heat stress, fatigue, and noise exposure, however, with anything new comes various questions. We work with our customers to make implementing Bodytrak as easy as possible. Here are the top five commonly asked questions we receive when onboarding our smart safety solution.

Does every team member require their own Bodytrak device?

Will the Bodytrak device work in area with limited/no connectivity?

What is the data being used for?

How long does the battery last?

What support does Bodytrak offer once we’ve implemented the solution?

Usability/Functionality – Does every team member require their own Bodytrak device?

The Bodytrak device is comprised of two parts – the CommPack (communications pack) and Earpiece. The CommPack can be shared between team members and can be charged via the single Charging Dock or the multi-bay Charging Hub. It can also be used as a spare battery pack and our customers often carry more CommPacks than Earpieces to ensure there’s sufficient availability of charged devices to be circulating between shift work.

While the CommPack can be shared the Earpiece is intended to be personal to each user. Each Earpiece stores a user’s ID and their baseline profile which is associated with their individual account. It’s important to continue to collect data via the same Earpiece to ensure all data collected is added to the user’s account to provide more accurate reporting for them. Each Bodytrak Earpiece comes with a convenient protective carry case that can clip onto a bag or key ring.

It’s extremely important the Earpiece is fitted correctly for accurate data and maximum comfort which is why the wingtip comes in 4 convenient sizes – extra small, small, medium, and large. When fitted correctly you should be able to forget you’re wearing the Earpiece, so it can be worn for long periods of time. 

Connectivity – Will the Bodytrak device work in areas with limited/no connectivity?

The CommPack has been designed to store data internally regardless of connectivity and will continue to notify users via audio prompts if thresholds have been exceeded and provide system alerts such as battery alerts.

Depending on the workplace environment the Bodytrak device can connect via cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth. Connectivity via WiFi or cellular is required to transmit the data to the Bodytrak Platform. When connectivity is restored the CommPack will upload any missing data points to the Bodytrak Platform for reporting purposes.

Data – What is the data being used for?

Our sole purpose in capturing data is to prevent incidents and accidents in the workplace. The metrics enable alerts to be triggered to ensure immediate assistance can be provided when thresholds are exceeded. Geolocation data helps to locate the incidents for rapid intervention.

The Dashboard can be personalized to fit your organization’s practices and adhere to any personal data protection policies. The data can be anonymized and employee names can be represented with employee ID numbers so that team members can be indirectly identified by supervisors/managers should immediate assistance be required.

All data collected by the Bodytrak device is secure and protected using industry standard protocols and treated with the utmost sensitivity. Information obtained is to help organizations enhance their health and safety practices to improve employee health and wellbeing.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to host the data that the Bodytrak solution reports as well as our data analytics and machine learning frameworks which ensures a secure, comprehensive, and powerful cloud capability for monitoring your team’s physiological responses in real time. Available in over 60 regions worldwide (more than any other cloud provider), this ensures a local data centre is utilized for each of our customers so that the data remains in your country. If you or the region you operate in have specific data regulations, our team can work with you to develop and implement a custom storage solution. 

Power – How long does the battery last?

The CommPack is the only part of the Bodytrak device that is battery powered and has a runtime of up to eight hours or more depending on the connectivity method used along with various other factors. To increase the battery runtime you can opt to carry an additional CommPack, doubling the usage capacity. Since the user’s ID and baseline profile is stored on an individually issued Earpiece and linked to the Platform, this allows users to interchange the CommPack easily if required. The CommPack will take approximately four hours to completely charge from empty.

After sales care – What support does Bodytrak offer once we’ve implemented the solution?

Our Bodytrak specialists are on hand to train and support you and your team to ensure the solution is working efficiently and provide any required assistance, including how to fit the Earpiece correctly and how to get started with the CommPack and Platform. 

If you experience any difficulties with the device our team is available to help you troubleshoot an issue, however, if we are unable to resolve the issue remotely the team will work with you to find a solution that causes the least disruption.

While we have highlighted the most commonly asked questions here, if you have any further enquiries you can access our complete list of frequently asked questions or contact our team who are on hand to provide a complementary demo

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