Find a data-driven solution

Bodytrak is a data-driven company, based in the heart of London, fuelled by science with a solution that’s designed to keep people safe at work. It was founded to solve real problems related to health and well-being, and there were two key events which sparked the formation of Bodytrak: the SAS soldier fatalities on the Brecon Beacons (2013) and the global rise of temperatures causing a significant increase in worker fatalities. Following these events it was evident there were no existing solutions on the market and the company was compelled to find a solution to these preventable occupational hazards.

Inspiration fuelled by science

The main inspiration for the solution came from observing standard research laboratory setups. Typically, highly accurate sensing devices are attached to subjects and tethered to desktop machines. These setups do not allow for portability and require researchers to interpret and analyse significant amounts of data. It was also evident that the sensing devices were usually invasive, uncomfortable, and impractical for anything other than static exercise.

Accuracy and expertise

Leon Marsh, Founder and CEO of Bodytrak saw an opportunity to evolve the accuracy of lab-based apparatus by integrating miniature sensors and electronic components into a convenient solution that enabled the same functionality in a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective wearable. From this, Bodytrak was born. Bodytrak is the first and only non-invasive, in-ear monitoring solution to accurately measure multiple physiological metrics in real time – core body temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability – in one comfortable wearable device. From our combined expertise in electronic, software, mechanical to data engineering, we have built a durable, wearable solution that uses complex proprietary software algorithms to predict and prevent injuries and incidents in the workplace.

Prevention and early intervention

Bodytrak can be used by workers operating in extreme or dangerous environments – from production facilities and utilities to emergency services and the military. We provide a solution to understand and identify how the body is responding to environmental and work-induced stress so that operational teams and medics can intervene early to prevent injury and, even, death.

Global commercial operations

Bodytrak is backed by corporate shareholders Breed Reply Limited and Lakeland Industries, Inc. Breed Reply is a corporate fund of Reply S.p.A., a software services company, and Lakeland is a leading global manufacturer of protective clothing for industry, healthcare and first responders. Bodytrak has already raised over £10m to date through a combination of investment and grant awards and is currently scaling commercial operations globally.