In 2020 the total cost of preventable work-related injuries reached over $163.9 billion.
65 million days of work were lost due to these injuries which have almost doubled from previous years.
National Safety Council
Safety as a service
Inclusive service that uses unique wearable sensors, proprietary data analytics and our safety management cloud platform to keep your team safe.
Protect your most
valuable assets
Customised approach to provide automated and individualised insights in real time so that intervention can be enabled and incidents avoided.
Enhance productivity and gain more
Enables users to work at optimal levels and operation leads to assess the impact of environmental stress on productivity.

Bodytrak Solution

Bodytrak captures real-time physiological data from a wearable earpiece with multiple sensors, analysed by AI on the device and in the cloud. It provides critical insights that protect your team from avoidable incidents and burnout. Our precise monitoring platform will help you make use of real-time data and insights to increase safety and productivity. Workplace injuries currently equate to billions of dollars of losses each year. Studies predict that by 2030 the economic burden caused by heat stress in the workplace will reach sums of $2.5 trillion. The estimated global costs are rising, however, with a solution focused on prevention, many workplace incidents can be avoided.
Bodytrak enhances the safety of your team in harsh or remote environments by continuously monitoring their physiological data, allowing them to focus on getting the job done. Physiological monitoring captures data from workers to ensure they are not operating beyond their individual limits. 
Emergency Services
Firefighters are routinely exposed to extreme temperatures that can quickly lead to heat-related illness and have damaging consequences. Police officers experience high levels of stress that can impair their decision-making ability and cause serious consequences for public safety and the force.    
Defence Services
Bodytrak enables performance optimisation and safeguarding of military service personnel during training exercises and operational tours. Bodytrak is contracted by defence organisations including the Defence Science Technology Laboratory (UK) and the Defense Innovation Unit (US).    
Scientific & Research
High-quality data without having to sacrifice the comfort and dignity of your participants is imperative. Whether you’re running a university research facility or state-of-the-art lab, Bodytrak tracks core body temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability and other metrics to help support your research.    
We share a vision with Bodytrak to protect workers and promote safety. Our partnership with Bodytrak has allowed us to expand our portfolio and enter the Connected Worker Market for Smart PPE. Providing data-driven insights that enable customers to make the right decision to build a safer, more productive workforce is the new frontier in PPE. Bodytrak is leading the way which is why we are thrilled with this partnership.
Charles D. Roberson
President and Chief Executive Officer, Lakeland Industries
Bodytrak is an exciting IoT-enabled company with a clear technological edge thanks to its non-invasive, gold-standard, in-ear physiological monitoring solution. The accurate physiological data, and in particular the heat stress and fatigue monitoring, is like nothing else on the market. Bodytrak’s patented technology will be pivotal in keeping people safe and increasing productivity around the world.
Gabriele Dini
Partner, Breed Reply