Heat Stress Monitors for Workplace Safety

A comprehensive safety solution for heat stress detection, fatigue monitoring, lone worker safety, noise metering, hearing protection and more…

Heat Stress Monitors for Workplace Safety
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What is a heat stress monitor?

A heat stress monitor is a device used to monitor and measure various factors that contribute to heat stress in a workplace. Wearable heat stress monitoring devices are often small, lightweight devices worn by workers to monitor environmental conditions and their body temperature. There are several forms of wearable heat stress monitoring solutions that include wristbands, patches and smart clothing, with varying degrees of accuracy. Depending on the device, they measure various factors such as ambient temperature, radiant heat and relative humidity. More advanced technology, like Bodytrak, can monitor an individual’s physiological response to heat by measuring core body temperature (as opposed to skin temperature) and heart rate, to provide a more precise assessment of an individual’s response to increasing temperatures.

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How does a heat stress monitor work?

A wearable heat stress device typically uses sensors that can measure body or skin temperature, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity. While this was a positive shift for wearables, further innovation is now providing more accurate solutions. Read more.

What technologies are used in heat stress monitoring?

Various technologies are implemented for heat stress monitoring to assess and manage heat-related risks in different settings. These technologies include environmental temperature and humidity sensors, Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) monitors, personal heat stress monitors, infrared thermography, heat stress apps, heat stress index models, air quality monitors, heat stress management software, remote sensing technologies, and weather forecasting. They help measure environmental conditions, physiological responses, and other factors contributing to heat stress, making it possible to provide warnings, recommendations, and effective risk mitigation in scenarios ranging from outdoor and recreational activities to industrial and occupational environments. With technology continuously evolving it’s important organisations select the right solution for the applications required as this can impact effectiveness and efficiency.

What is the most accurate way to measure heat stress?

For industrial workers, the most accurate approach to measure heat stress is through physiological monitoring that takes into account core body temperature as well as heart rate. Monitoring core body temperature provides a more precise measure to the body’s response, less affected by external temperatures and other variables. Bodytrak, a comprehensive smart safety solution, uses a wearable in-ear device to provide real-time data on an individual’s physiological responses to workplace stressors, including environmental heat, offering a more personalised and accurate assessment of their heat stress level.

Find out how modern technology and real-time data analytics can help organisations manage the risk of heat stress and proactively prevent heat-related illness.


We share a vision with Bodytrak to protect workers and promote safety. Our partnership with Bodytrak has allowed us to expand our portfolio and enter the Connected Worker Market for Smart PPE. Providing data-driven insights that enable customers to make the right decision to build a safer, more productive workforce is the new frontier in PPE. Bodytrak is leading the way which is why we are thrilled with this partnership.

Jim Jenkins
President and Chief Executive Officer, Lakeland Industries

Bodytrak is an exciting IoT-enabled company with a clear technological edge thanks to its non-invasive, gold-standard, in-ear physiological monitoring solution. The accurate physiological data, and in particular the heat stress and fatigue monitoring, is like nothing else on the market. Bodytrak’s patented technology will be pivotal in keeping people safe and increasing productivity around the world.

Gabriele Dini
Partner, Breed Reply

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