Why Analytics Are An Essential Component Of Bodytrak®

Why Analytics Are An Essential Component Of Bodytrak®

At the heart of our proposition for improving the safety of individuals are our embedded algorithms and analytics platform. Whether it’s protecting firefighters from heat stress, understanding fatigue levels of HGV drivers, or providing professional athletes accurate training data, Bodytrak’s embedded algorithms and data analysis sit at the core of the Bodytrak solution.

Biometric algorithms use raw data from sensors built into Bodytrak’s in-ear device and are tuned to each individual’s physiological state to provide insightful, highly accurate analysis. More than half of Bodytrak’s in-house development is dedicated to creating and maintaining our suite of algorithms which use the device’s microprocessors and in-built biometric sensors to monitor general well-being and detect for signs of sudden illness. Once tuned to an individual’s circadian rhythm and normal physiological responses, the Bodytrak device is uniquely able to monitor their vital signs to detect the slightest of abnormalities, enabling appropriate intervention before the symptoms become critical. Communicating abnormalities are done so wirelessly in the form of a real-time alert, tailored to meet the needs of each individual or team.

When developing our algorithms, we ensure that two essential capabilities are met:

1) We monitor and alert in real-time and relay the information to a dedicated end-point where the data is displayed to the customer. This part of our solution gives customers a basis to react or intervene in response to an alert being raised, or when a particular event is detected.

2) Through cloud analytics, based on Machine Learning technology, Bodytrak uses the data to help protect individuals from developing serious conditions. Data is processed through a second series of algorithms hosted in the Bodytrak Cloud. Our Machine Learning programs are the basis of our analytics which are used to enrich our reporting capabilities; building an accurate picture of an individual’s well being within a short space of time. Importantly, this can be used as a basis for predicting and then preventing different types of adverse health conditions.

To be truly effective in physiological monitoring, analytics are essential in realising the full potential of Bodytrak. The Bodytrak Cloud is built around giving our customers very particular insights into the safety of their employees whilst in the workplace. Furthermore, using sophisticated algorithms to accurately monitor a person’s vital signs can have a range of potential healthcare applications. As a result, Bodytrak’s analytics are attracting interest from different organisations in the health and safety and wider healthcare sectors, who see the potential in improving worker and patient care by using sophisticated vital signs analysis.

Author: Richard Collins, Head of Product, Bodytrak

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