Bodytrak Selected As An Official Microsoft Partner

Bodytrak Selected As An Official Microsoft Partner

June 01, 2018 – The Bodytrak® body monitoring platform has been developed to help ensure the safe keeping and well-being of individuals working in extreme or potentially hazardous environments. Of particular importance for all individuals who use Bodytrak is the need for real-time alerts to allow an immediate response from a health and safety supervisor the instant anything abnormal is detected.

To enable the real-time alert system between the individual and the remote supervisor, Bodytrak utilises the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The Azure platform is also used to host Bodytrak’s data analytics and machine learning frameworks which provide a comprehensive and powerful cloud capability for remotely monitoring personnel in real-time.

This unique capability has been selected by Microsoft to be integrated within the Microsoft Connect Command Vehicle. The Microsoft initiative which was showcased at the SOFIC exhibition at the Tampa Convention Center in May 2018 features Bodytrak as a fully integrated in-vehicle solution for remote monitoring of military and law enforcement personnel.

Bodytrak’s role in this initiative is to supply its in-ear patented sensor technology and real-time cloud solution to provide a comprehensive picture of each individual’s well-being, and monitor for deteriorating health events such as heat stress, fatigue and man down. This supplements other third-party solutions used in the vehicle which capture vital data, for example, body worn cameras. The vehicle acts as a central hub for different types of sensor data coming from individuals in the field, like Bodytrak, and relays the data to the Azure cloud platform to be displayed via the Blueforce COMMAND situational awareness platform. As a solution which delivers on the promise of IoT, the Microsoft Connect Command Vehicle enables rapid sharing of data across an entire network of military and police forces and can provide an accurate picture of each officer’s present situation in relation to their well-being status and, when required, to support the officer in making real-time tactical decisions. Bodytrak is delighted to be a core part of the overall solution to help improve health and safety outcomes.

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