Introducing Bodytrak

Introducing Bodytrak

We’re a small and perfectly formed start-up, based in the heart of East London, next to the world famous Smithfield Market. We create next-generation wearables that help improve sporting performance and preserve the lives of workers in dangerous situations.

You’ll find us here blogging about product developments, commenting on important things happening in our industry, providing wellness advice, and letting you know how you can be the first to get your hands on a Bodytrak device.

We thought sharing the Bodytrak story would be a good place to start…

We saw that many wearable products on the market could monitor a couple of biometric parameters – like heart rate and distance, for example – but they were frustratingly inaccurate, inconsistent and not up to standard for professionals, nor were they a solution that consumers could find truly useful. Also, no one had tackled finding a way to monitor Core Body Temperature (CBT) accurately and continuously that didn’t involve a pill or (ahem) probe.

We realised that the wearable (and hearable) market was missing an innovative contender that would allow the monitoring of multiple vital signs, accurately, continuously and in real-time. So, Bodytrak was born; the first and only in-ear body monitoring platform to accurately measure multiple vital signs – CBT, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, VO2, speed, distance, cadence – continuously and in one device that fits snugly in the ear.

Why is it needed? Bodytrak is used to prevent incidents in the workplace caused by heat stress, fatigue and noise exposure. It’s an effective solution for teams operating in dangerous environments – from soldiers to firefighters – who need to understand how their body is responding to stress so that response teams and medics can intervene early to prevent injury and, even, death.

Bodytrak also comes with advanced data analytics behind it; allowing teams and squads to map and predict performance and physiological reactions over time. It’s being trialled/implemented by several global energy providers, defence, and health organisations as well as high profile professional cycling teams, English Premiership football and rugby clubs.

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