Preserving Life And Optimising Performance

Preserving Life And Optimising Performance

You’ve heard a bit about who we are and what we do, but we haven’t told you much about Bodytrak yet; so here’s a bit about this amazing bit of technology. You can register your interest by joining our waiting list – click on the box in the top right hand corner!

Designed to help preserve the lives of workers in hazardous environments, and in response to the deaths of four SAS soldiers on training exercise, Bodytrak can be valuable in all sorts of different situations. Importantly, elite athletes can use it to help optimise their competitive performance and reduce injury. It’s currently being trialled with top professional cycling teams, English Premiership football and rugby clubs, and by several global energy providers, defence, and health organisations. More about its uses in the next post. Now, back to the device.

As we mentioned, Bodytrak is the only body monitoring device to measure Core Body Temperature (CBT) unobtrusively. It’s also the only body monitoring platform to accurately measure multiple vital signs – CBT, HR, Vo2, speed, distance, cadence – continuously, and in real-time. Check out Team GB’s Nick Beer, sporting Bodytrak below.

Bodytrak fits securely and comfortably on the ear – the only body site from which a combination of core body temperature (CBT) and heart rate HR can be measured accurately together. Using the ear as a measuring site, due to its proximity to the brain, enables Bodytrak to pick up very accurate and immediate changes in the body; and is expected to be more reliable than other wearables, for example wrist-based devices.

It’s really comfortable, too. Alternative monitoring methods, such as the HR chest strap, CBT pill or probe, while useful, can be uncomfortable or invasive. Accurate, ongoing monitoring of multiple vital signs has the potential to significantly improve physical performance, reduce injury, detect illness, and improve recovery time.

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