The Value Proposition: Advanced Data Analytics And Next -Generation Audio

The Value Proposition: Advanced Data Analytics And Next -Generation Audio

You’ll recall from previous posts, Bodytrak fits securely and unobtrusively in the ear and uses the way your ear is shaped to position micro sensors to collect accurate data on your Core Body Temperature (CBT), Heart Rate (HR) and a host of other measures (more on these in the next few posts). The data is sent from Bodytrak wirelessly, in real-time to a cloud-based analytics platform via a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or internet hub.

Algorithms use the data readings to inform the user on how the body is dealing with different situations – whether it’s measuring peak fitness levels during sport or how the body is coping when working in extremely harsh environments like fire fighting. In potentially dangerous environments, this is high granular physiological monitoring happening in real time and our system allows for rapid, early intervention for individuals deemed at risk as well as detailed analysis of physical performance.

In sport, analytics and machine learning within the Bodytrak platform give unrivalled insights to aid training programmes, protect from injury and improve overall performance. These analytics can detect changes in how the body responds to different training patterns which can be used to assess performance and refine training on a session-by-session basis. 

If required, users can also listen to music and use the earpiece as part of a communication system (both radio and telephone). Bodytrak even records and digitally processes ambient sound so the user retains their hearing and situational awareness for added safety.

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